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Ground Beef - 80/20 - Domestic (Retail) CHK

Weight: 40 - 40 lbs
$319.60 per case - $319.60 ($7.99 /lb)
$319.60 - $7.99 ($5.99 /lb)

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Ground Beef - 80/20 - Domestic (Retail) CHK

Ground Beef - 80/20 - Domestic (Retail) CHK


Ground Beef - 80/20 - Domestic (Retail) CHK

Weight 2lb rolls
Size 20 rolls per case
Kosher Certifications OU & CHK

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My Kosher Meat is committed to bringing to our customers only the highest of kosher certifications and qualifications.

Our meat is shipped and delivered in the original packaging from the processing facility and is never processed in any way at our facility.

The way it leaves the plant is the way it arrives to your door thus ensuring only the highest kosher standards.