Doing Retail the Wholesale way!

We're My Kosher Meat.

At My Kosher Meat, we're dedicated to bringing the kosher consumer the best prices for kosher meat on the market.

We exist to make sure the kosher consumer gets the best value on kosher meat possible. We do this by bringing a novel approach to the industry we like to call Wholesale Direct. This method of wholesale direct allows us to cut out the middle man and sell our meat directly to our valued customers at the most affordable prices possible. So instead of buying one or two pieces at a time from your local supermarket at very high prices, you can go to our website, find the cut you are looking for, add it to your cart and checkout knowing that you saved up to 40% on your meat by purchasing in bulk.

Additionally, we make the process of purchasing kosher meat easier than ever before by offering shipping all across America. This insures that wherever you might be in the country you don't lose out on getting the great prices and amazing service My Kosher Meat has to offer! Its no mistake that we are taking over this market and really changing how consumers think about buying their food and spending money!

At My Kosher Meat, we are passionate about providing exceptional customer service by endeavoring to match your exact needs and delivering beyond your expectations. We abide by the highest professional standards to ensure that only top quality products are delivered to you. This way, you get to eat well and live happily knowing that you are in safe hands. Who better to serve you than your local meat experts, always ready to meet your specifications!

My Kosher Meat; meat delivered just the way you like it!