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Ribeye Roast CHK-Tvyes Ranch-Argentina

Case of Rib Eye Roast-CHK-Grain Fed

Second Cut Brisket

Second Cut Brisket

Whole Brisket

51.00 lbs
$7.49 lb
Weight51.00 lbs
Minimum Weight45
Average Weight50
BrandsTevyes Ranch CHK
Packaging TypeBoxes
Pieces Per Case7
Kosher CertificationCHK/OU

The Whole Brisket

comes from the chest area of the cow and is one of the most well-known pieces of meat, especially for the Yom Tov and shabbos dinner. Whether you make it for Shabbos and Yom Tov or even smoke it on a warm summer day, this brisket will not disappoint. The whole brisket comes with both the first and the second cut and is a large piece of meat

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