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Case of Beef Back Ribs

Case of Beef Back Ribs

Case of Sliced Rib Steaks - OU/MK/BELZ - 10pc - 1"

11.00 lbs
$17.99 lb
SKU 975-1
Weight 11.00 lbs
Minimum Weight 9.5lb
Average Weight 10.5
Brands Chassidishe Shechita
Packaging Type Cryovac
Pieces Per Case 10
Pieces Per Bag 2
Kosher Certification OU/MK/BELZ

Introducing My Kosher Meat's Canadian Glatt Kosher Rib Steaks

A culinary delight that brings together superior taste, tenderness, and strict kosher standards. Our rib steaks are a testament to exceptional quality and flavor, perfect for satisfying even the most discerning steak enthusiasts.

Hand-selected for their remarkable tenderness and succulence, our rib steaks are a cut above the rest. Each steak is meticulously chosen from the finest Canadian kosher beef, ensuring that only the highest standards of quality make it to your plate. Our glatt kosher certification guarantees that every aspect of the production process adheres to the strictest kosher guidelines, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Indulge in the mouthwatering richness of marbling that runs through each cut, promising a juicy and flavorsome experience. Our rib steaks are renowned for their exceptional tenderness, making them the perfect centerpiece for special occasions, family gatherings, or when you simply crave a delectable steak.

Versatile and easy to prepare, our rib steaks are suitable for a variety of cooking methods. Whether you choose to grill, broil, or pan-sear, you can be confident that our rib steaks will deliver an unforgettable dining experience. The well-balanced marbling ensures a beautiful melt-in-your-mouth texture, while the robust flavor profile captivates your palate with each savory bite.

At My Kosher Meat, we prioritize sourcing beef that meets our stringent quality standards. Our Canadian Glatt Kosher Rib Steaks are a result of careful selection from trusted suppliers, ensuring that you receive meat of the utmost quality and taste.

Elevate your dining experience with My Kosher Meat's Canadian Glatt Kosher Rib Steaks – a testament to the harmonious blend of flavor, tenderness, and kosher integrity. Savor the excellence of our rib steaks and discover why they are the choice for those who appreciate premium kosher meat.

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