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Rib Eye Roast-Weissmandel

Rib Eye Roast-Weissmandel

Case of French Roast-Weissmandel

Case of French Roast-Weissmandel

Case of Minute Roast-Weissmandel

50.00 lbs
$8.49 lb
Weight 50.00 lbs
Minimum Weight 41.00
Average Weight 43.00
Brands Tevyes Ranch Weissmandel
Packaging Type Boxes
Pieces Per Case 10-12
Pieces Per Bag 2
Kosher Certification CHK/OU

Minute roast is one of the most underrated roasts and very often gets a bad rap for its look. However, its perfect size and versatility really make it a contender with some of the best cuts on the market.

This cut can be prepared in one of two ways, either as a roast or for the more advanced cook as steaks. There are two kinds of steaks one can make with a minute roast. The first way one can slice it on a biased thereby making minute steaks or one can slice it down the middle and remove the tendon running through it, thereby making two Flat Iron steaks. However you make it, it's sure to be delicious!!

Happy cooking!!

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