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Case of Minute Roast-Weissmandel

Case of Minute Roast-Weissmandel

Chuck eye Roast-Wiessmandel

Chuck Eye Roast-Weissmandel

Case of French Roast-Weissmandel

55.00 lbs
$10.99 lb
Weight 55.00 lbs
Minimum Weight 47.00
Average Weight 50
Brands Tevyes Ranch Weissmandel
Packaging Type Boxes
Pieces Per Case 10-11
Pieces Per Bag 1
Kosher Certification CHK/OU

French Roast

A great cut of meat from the chuck region of the cow is a perfect piece for a roast and big enough for the whole family 

Also, there is enough meat in the case to divide between families and friends or you can use it to make a grand dinner to feed all your friends and family at one time, in one place, at a great price.

Alternatively, you can store it in your freezer for any time you desire to make an extra special dinner, whether it's shabbos Yom Tov, or even during the week.

The preferred method of cooking this french roast is low and slow, giving the heat of your oven (or even your smoker) time to break down the meat and leave you with a tremendously tender and juicy piece of meat.


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