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Case of Boneless Ribeye

Case of Boneless Ribeye

Rib Eye Roast-Weissmandel

Rib Eye Roast-Weissmandel

Case of Solomon's Export Rib

53.00 lbs
$12.99 lb
SKU 901gsm
Weight 53.00 lbs
Minimum Weight 44.00lb
Average Weight 49-60lb
Brands Solomon's Imported
Packaging Type Cryovac
Pieces Per Case 4
Pieces Per Bag 1
Kosher Certification Satmar VIshnitz

The Export Rib is one of the best pieces of meat we offer.

This cut of meat has really amazing qualities that make it one of the most sought-after cuts on the steer, whether, you are looking to grill a steak or to make a roast this premium piece of meat will not disappoint.

There are two ways we suggest you make this cut of meat. The first way is to cut the rib into steaks and to grill it or preferably to sous vide it. The second way would be to cook it as a Prime Rib by roasting it in the oven.

However you decide to make it, you are sure to impress.


Happy Cooking!! 

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