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Solomons French Roast

Case of French Roast-Solomons

Solomons Export Rib-Bone in Rib Roast

Case of Solomon's Export Rib

Case of Boneless Shoulder Roast

65.00 lbs
Retail Price: $7.99 lb Retail Price: $6.99 lb
SKU 4ms
Weight 65.00 lbs
Minimum Weight 60.00lb
Average Weight 60-70lb
Brands Solomon's Imported
Packaging Type Cryovac
Pieces Per Case 8
Pieces Per Bag 1
Kosher Certification Satmar Vishnitz
Boneless Shoulder Roast from Solomon's This roast is one of the most classic roasts you will ever make. It's large enough to feed a whole family and maybe even two. This roast is of great quality but also a great price. When you decide to make that great roast turn your oven on 200F through on the roast your favorite seasoning and let the oven do the work. Happy Cooking!!
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